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Our Story

Our story


Kristine Landry

Miss Marmelades

My professional background has nothing to do with food and I want you to know that I have absolutely no formal culinary training.

I have worked in the hospitality industry in the Outaouais region for over 20 years. It was my love of gardening and my amazing organic vegetable garden that made me develop my passion for marmalades and preserves.

With an organic vegetable garden overflowing with fresh products each summer that I found myself with an enormous amount of fruits and vegetables. «Waste not, want not!» my mother always said, so I had to figure out a way of preserving all this produce.

After asking my mother and my aunt Murielle for advice, I started looking for recipes.

Our first marmelade

Marmelade Orange et courgette Miss Marmelades fait au Québec

This recipe comes to me from my late Aunt Murielle, a combination of zucchini and orange it will suprise you ! You will find this marmalade in our seasonal product from mid-July to Septembre only.




Of all my marmalades, my zucchini marmalade has raised the most eyebrows. Zucchinis? In marmalade? Well yes, it’s delicious! Combined with oranges and lemons the taste is wonderful with a twist.

I also offer you more traditional marmalades, orange & Cointreau, a beautiful pink grapefruit marmalade and our famous pear & ginger.

Another of my discoveries comes from a bumper crop of Jamaican hot peppers during the 2010 summer. My hot pepper jelly can be used has a marinade for chicken or pork and is also delicious with cheeses and pâtés.

Well enjoy, and if you have any questions or comments about any of my products, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Bon appétit!

Special Thanks


I would like to thank all the people who helped make all this possible:

  • First my spouse, financial advisor and teacher, Pierre Latour who put up with my obsession with marmalades for months. Thank you for all your advice, encouragement and patience.
  • My Mom, Doris Landry for all her advice and recipes.
  • My Dad, Ralph Landry for tracking down Mason jars and eating my marmalade even though I know you dislike orange peels. Thanks Dad! I love you too!
  • My mother-in law, Agnès Latour for her nack of always seeing the good in every situation thank you for your wonderful enthusiasm.
  • My aunt Murielle Malouin for her precious advice and for her zucchini marmalade recipe.
  • Mathieu Pagé from Selectrum Communication for his help in creating this website.
  • Daniel d’Ostie, my official photographer and designer of my logo who accepted to be paid peanuts for his work (or should I say paid with marmalade jars).
  • To the best boss ever, Ginette Blanchette, for your marketing advice and for my first corporate order.
  • To my friend Christine Cadieux for your encouragement and for making me believe that anything is possible if you leave it up to the universe, thank you my favourite witch.
  • To my friend Marie Josée Boyd, for proof reading all my texts and for being a perfectionist. Thanks, MJ for all your help.
  • And to my son Gabriel for helping me pick out photos for my site, for putting label on my jars and just for being a wonderful little boy, I love u !
  • And last but not least to all of you, my clients, for supporting me and buying all this stuff, I promise to keep creating new tastes for you to discover.

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